Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday evening. October 28, 2009

Hello everyone.

Today I was able to spend some time with my family. We have been snowed in, which made me think of Nathan a lot. Whenever it snows, Nate is always over at our house. He and James put the plow on our four wheeler, and go all around plowing. They also start up their snowmobiles, and shred the streets of Denver. Ha! It makes me laugh, but my heart also aches. I am trying to be strong for my husband. James and Nathan are really close, it has been difficult to see James' heart be missing a piece. I believe Nathan has a special calling here on earth. He doesn't know it yet, but I believe this may be God getting his attention. As Bethany told me yesterday, "Kim, God pursues us. This is God pursuing Nathan." James and I got together with friends last night, and we talked about Nate and just prayed for him. We are trusting God has placed Nathan in the best medical facility possible. We surrender our desire, for Gods BEST to be complete.

The past few days, have been rough. Shock, lack of sleep, emotional and physical strain. Last night, we all got some good rest and today woke with a refreshed spirit. I think the most difficult part of this journey, being Nathans friend, has been seeing him unresponsive. Not knowing what the future holds. Walking into Nathans house, letting his dogs out. Its like, you want to call out for him to see if hes home. I tried to talk to him yesterday, as he laid there in his bed. I knew he was in a coma, but I thought, just maybe he'd squeeze my hand. I told Bethany that God is teaching all of us something. One, this life is not our home. God is near. God is good, all He does is good. I am learning that this world has nothing for us. My family and friends are so precious. Little things that use to matter, have suddenly faded away.

After I laid Shayn down for her nap, I went down to spend some time with Bethany and her mom. Each time I am with Bethany, God reveals another peice of Himself. She shared with me this~ When Bethany found out she was having a boy, her grandmother (her dads, mom) wrote Bethany a letter. In that letter her grandmother said "Your son, Nathan, will be a man of God. One that reaches his generation." I know Nathan. I know his story, and I BELIEVE GOD WILL USE NATHAN! Nathan has no idea how incredible he is, and how God will use him one day. One day, he will know. This is God pursuing his heart. He never lets go. Never lets go....

Nathan is still in very critical condition- but stable. His ICP (swelling of the brain) levels are projected to get worse, before getting better. The next 4-7 days are the most critical days for a brain injury patient. In Nathans case, we are desperately asking God to keep the swelling down. If there is swelling around the brain, brain damage occurs. He is in a VERY deep coma. The surgeon said that the CAT scans and ICP levels are NOT matching up, at all. The CAT scans prove that Nathan should not be in this deep of a coma. WE ARE PRAYING the swelling does not get worse. Nathan is still going to remain on Life Support, as he would not survive right now without it.
At this point the Doctor projects that Nathan will have to learn how to think and react cognitively. He will have to learn how to respond, learn how to control his emotions, feelings etc. Everyone is optimistic and are filled with hope. We are very optimistic that Nathan will fight to survive and make a full recovery. But, we are not blocking out the severity of his condition.
The doctors say that he will probably be on life-support for about 17-21 more days (give or take.) I know, I was in shock, too. I said "THAT'S ANOTHER MONTH!" But, as Bethany quickly responded, "at least my son is alive." She is right, Nathan is alive. Doctors said he wouldn't last a few minutes/hours...and look, we are heading into day 4 .

God has a plan, don't know what it is...but I trust His ways above all else. Once Nathan wakes from his coma and is able to get off life-support, he is looking at being at a long term rehabilitation center for at least 6 months to a year. This is going to be a long journey, for everyone. Right now, they are still asking for no visitors. Talking and touching Nathan makes his ICP levels rise. Once the ICP levels are controlled, they will allow visitors. I will let everyone know the second that occurs. All we can do at this point, is pray. Get with your churches, family, friends and pray. I am asking Gods best to be revealed. We want to see God heal Nathan, and see him recover 100%. We just want our friend. Above all else, we ask for God to be near.

Keep praying for Bethany and her sweet mom. They are doing as best as they can. Bethany is resting in Jesus, she is one incredible woman. I am learning the extent of a mothers love....IT'S BOUNDLESS. God is showing up. Mysterious are His ways....perfect they are.

We are hopefuly and optimistic. Nathan is a fighter! KEEP PRAYING. Thanks everyone! LOVE


  1. Kim and James, please let Bethany and Nathan know that we are praying for them. My heart is broken to hear this news, but I, like you guys, know that we serve a mighty God. Nathan is so blessed to have you and James as his neighbors and friends. The God of the universe who knows exactly how many snowflakes there are out there tonight is the same God who desperately loves Nathan and has already laid out a plan for his life. Love to you all, as you walk through this together with Him.
    Sandy & all of the Houys

  2. kimberly fox peyrouseOctober 29, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    thank you, Sandy. WE LOVE THE HOUY FAMILY!!!!!

  3. Bethany ChristensenNovember 18, 2009 at 8:57 PM

    Dear Sandy,
    Wow! What a blast from the past! :)
    Thank you so very much for your prayers for Nathan and I.
    Thank you for supporting James and Kim in this time of their need.
    This has not been easy on either of them.
    Watching them live out their faith gives me so much hope for their generation.
    I feel in my gut Nathan is going to pull through this in a mighty way - ALL for God's glory.
    We have only to walk this out in faith - One Day at a Time.
    Bethany Christensen