Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Afternoon visit and Update

Hey everyone~

I just returned from spending some time with Nathan and Bethany. We are no longer allowed to visit Nathan. Due to Nathans ICP levels (the fluid surrounding the brain & the swelling that is occurring) For the next 72 hours, we are not allowed to go into Nathans room. Seeing Nathan today, really brought reality to light for me. He is stable, but in very critical condition. He is still alive on life support and his temperature is still not where they would like it to be. Nathans ICP levels need to be stable for a few days, before they will try to bring him out of his coma. If Nathan gets better, they will try to remove him from life-support, but this will take our prayers. The doctor told us that he is hopeful, but he isn't promising anything at this point. I told Nathan we were all praying for him, fighting for his life alongside of him. Nathan has had absolutely no sign of activity or movements since his accident, except for what James experienced with Nathan. The doctor said that was "impossible" but as Bethany told me today, "We trust GOD first, doctors next."

Also, Bethany told me something, that will stay with me forever. She said "Kim, in most religions people seek to follow and pursue God. BUT in my faith, I serve a God that pursues US. He chases after HIS children. and Kim, I believe this is God, chasing and pursuing after HIS son, Nathan." I cried as I looked at Nathan. I said, you are right Bethany. This IS God pursuing Nathans life. People may fail us, we are not perfect. But God, HE HAS NEVER FAILED US. Thank you, Bethany, for sharing your faith. I am forever changed.

The Doctor told us with Nathans currently condition, that we must earnestly pray. We need to pray for a miracle, but above all, we need to ask Gods BEST to be revealed.
As I stood beside Nathan, his cold lifeless body made me cry. What is God trying to reveal in this situation? How can we bring Him the most glory? How can we serve Him best at this time? I truly believe we must pray. We must seek Gods face, and not stop. I pray new friendships are made, old ones are mended and renewed. I know that is what Nathan would want. He would want to know how loved he is. He is truly loved. Oh, seeing his precious mommy, touch him and pray for him. It just changes you. At least, it changes circumstances. I have a 5 month old daughter, and her life is everything to us. YET, Bethany reminded me today, Our children are HIS, first. We are just here to point them to God, and what HE chooses for their lives...we must trust, no matter what.

I remember when the shootings happened at Columbine. My parents were out of the country, watching on CNN. My mom told me that my dad grabbed her in the hotel room, as they were unable to reach Michele and I...my dad said "Robin, Kimmie and Michele are not our own. If God chooses to taken them home, we have to trust that is what HE desires. We are only to trust and give all glory to HIM." This is exactly what Bethany wants for Nathan. She wants Nathans life to be RESTORED FULLY, but above all else, Bethany wants GODS WILL TO BE REVEALED!

I am HOPEFUL. The doctors gave us hope, by not giving us bad news. The medical team, is one of the top trauma units in Colorado. So, Nathan is in the best hands medically. He is also in the MAKERS hands, who holds all things, restores all things, and brings HOPE where there is NO HOPE. He sure has in our lives.

Keep praying, the next 72 hours are counting on our EARNEST prayers for Nathans life!

Also, if you would like to bring food or cards. Please email/text us and we will let you know how to do so. Thank you everyone. God is already working. lives being changed.

Nate, KEEP FIGHTING!!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!

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