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Good morning to everyone. I wanted to share an experience that James had yesterday evening, as well as update you on Nathans status. I will start with James' experience.....

James went to be with Nathan a few times during the night/early morning, yesterday. Although, honestly, Nathan is not doing well at all. Doctors are not giving us very much hope. YET, there is a peace that surpasses all understanding right now. I honestly cant describe it to you. But, its there. We are hopeful. Nathan has not reacted/responded to anyone since the accident occurred. The medical team have yet to see any kind of brain activity, yet, James and I are holding onto this experience~ holding onto a string of hope.

As James sat with Nathan yesterday early evening, no one else was in the room. James told Nathan things, only Nathan would understand/remember. He told Nathan he had to keep fighting. That God has a plan for his life. That we need him, his mom needs him to keep fighting. Secretly, I am sure James was telling him he needed to get better, so they could go snowmobiling this winter ( I know them both better than they think. :) With no response, James just sat there watching him for a while. James proceeded to ask Nathan a few questions, "Nathan do you know I am here? Its me, James. If you can hear me, shrug your shoulders." nothing. A few moments later James said "Nate, its me buddy, its James. I am here with you. If you can hear me, shrug your shoulders." Nathan shrugged his shoulders! James was surprised, because Nathan is in a coma. Nathan hasn't been conscience, since before the accident. James said "Good job." He sat there with Nathan, talked with him a bit longer and when James was going to leave, he said, "Nate, i'm going to leave now. Shrug your shoulders, if you can hear my voice." Nathan shrugged his shoulders!
(I will also add, that in Nathans first accident, Nathan only remembers James being at his side in the hospital. Maybe that is why Nathan responded to James as he did, yesterday.)

Although, this is "impossible" to the medical team, James is VERY confident Nathan heard him and understood. This may give us hope that may not exist right now medically~ but our faith is stronger than medicine. When the medical team gives us reason to lose hope, we MUST surrender that to God, WHO IS MIGHTY TO SAVE! Don't get me wrong, I know God may have other plans to take Nathan home to be with Him. As tragic as that sounds, We are not blocking out what 'could' happen, but while Nathan is alive, we will NOT lose hope. We will NOT give up hope.
Although, Nathan has not responded to any medical teams or anyone else, we believe Nathan did respond on purpose. I thought this was amazing, and wanted to share it with you all.

Nathan is a little in stature,but his heart is so big. He told James and I that we are his brother and sister. We definitely treat each other, as so. You know, no matter if we get annoyed or if we say something that we most likely don't mean, we still love each other at the end of the day! that is what life is about. Love.

A little bit about who Nathan is, especially to James and I:
He is the first one to volunteer whenever James needs ANYTHING. They are always working on a project. Maty, James and Nate, together are constantly taking something apart. So, needless to say, we see Nathan everyday. I have had many conversations with Nathan, about life. About how God has him here for a reason. I reminded Nathan, that no matter what, God will always be enough. Nathan was there when James proposed to me. Nathan actually helped organize the whole amazing event. I will never ever forget Nathans face, the tears and excitement he had for us. BUT, I am sure he was NOT excited that the proposal soon meant~Nathan had to move out! Nathan was James' roommate, for a few years. But, Nathan did not move far, just a few houses away. At first, I was like, COME ON BOYS! You are not boyfriends. But, I will tell you all, it has been a so great getting to know Nathans heart. Nathan has a special heart, and he is always there when anyone needs anything. Or when I cook food! Nathan is willing to help, and is a great uncle to Shayn. He actually holds her, not many boys like babies.
I hope you all get a better picture of who Nathan really is. He is a fighter. A fighter, with a tender heart.

An update as of Tuesday, October 27, 2009. This morning...

He is struggling with an elevated body temperature, and pressure on his brain that is fluctuating. This is not good news, and we are asking God for a miracle. I had a pastor in my life, growing up. His name was Rick Ferguson (he passed away tragically in a car accident.) He and his family have been so influential in my life, as well as the lives of thousands. I remember two things Pastor Rick always told the church, one being, "Obey the Spirit promptly" and "If we knew, what God knows, we would ALWAYS want what God wants." In the desperateness of this tragic situation, that is what I have been praying. 'Ok Lord, Nathan is YOURS. Whatever your will is, I ask you to do. We ask for a miracle, but know your ways are not our ways. your thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Isaiah 55:8 says, For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord." We want what you want, no matter the outcome. Just prepare us all for whatever that may be.'

I know Bethany desires her son to make a full recovery, but MORE than that, Bethany desires for Gods will to be done. What a testimony! As a mother, I cant imagine praying "ok God, if you so choose, take my son." Her testimony through the last few days, has clanged my life.

I pray we all stop today, and truly love the ones in our lives. this life is not our own, and I am sorry it often takes a tragedy to get our attention. At least, it has for mine. One moment, Nathan was holding our little girl on our porch, the next moment James wakes me, telling me Nathan is on life-support.

Let Nathans life be celebrated today. But above all, I ask Gods perfect plan be revealed. No matter the outcome, I ask that Gods name receive every once of glory. I know that is Bethany's prayer, as well.

"Whatever your faith or lack there of my son desperately needs your prayer" Bethany Dill Christiansen

I am about to go see Nathan, I will update you this afternoon. Until then, keep praying!

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  1. If we knew, what God knows, we would ALWAYS want what God wants."

    That's something that has always stuck with me. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.