Friday, October 30, 2009

Evening of Day 5

Nathan has made it through day #5. Thank you, God.

Nathan had a CAT Scan today, and was stable throughout the scan. He still remains in a very deep coma, and is unresponsive. We are waiting for the results of his CAT scans, and I will let you all know the results, just as soon as we get word.

Bethany has slept maybe 10 hours in the past 5 days. Please remember her as you pray for tonight. She needs rest. Pray for a calm sleep, where she can rest in quiet without disturbance. She deserves it, she is really an incredible mom. keep lifting her up.

For those of you who really don't know Nathan that well, here are a few stories that will let you into his heart....

Nathan loves his dogs. The other day, I went to Nathans house to let the dogs out, his shoes were right by the door. For a moment, I thought he was home. When I opened the door, Stuart and Holden (his doggies) were SO excited and barking like crazy. They miss Nate, I really do believe dogs sense when something is wrong. We let them know that everything was going to be alright.

James drove Nathans car on Monday night. He told me that when he opened the door there were tools that Nathan had borrowed to do a job for James. He is always wanting to help James with projects, they are constantly out in the garage together.
Nathan remembers the smallest details. For example, he got me pacifier wipes and hand sanitizer (along with a huge box of diapers) for Shayn, just a few weeks ago. He is always thinking of James and I(and making fun of my germ-phobia.) I want to remember and take with me the small details, not missing anything. To love unconditionally, and forgive often.
This summer, Nate would wake up and often walk over to our house. I would wake up and walk out to the front patio to find Nathan sitting in a rocking chair, just waiting for us to wake up. Not having Nathan around everyday, seems like the rest of our family is not complete. He is apart of James and my family. We sure miss him around here. James and I are praying together, that Gods perfect plan would be revealed. We desire more than anything to see our friend make a full recovery and beat all odds. But most of all, we want Gods best. We want Gods name to be lifted high. "If we knew, what God knows, we would always want what God wants." Dr. Rick Ferguson

ok. I will post the CAT scan results just as soon as we hear. PRAY hard. Pray together. thank you for EVERYTHING. We love you all. Nathan, we are fighting with you. We love you. Remember this accident did not take God by surprise. We rest in hope, He is already in tomorrow.

Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times. and a brother is born for adversity"

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