Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Evening update.

Tonight, Nathan's ICP pressure has decreased. The Doctors are trying to be optimistic at this point. His ICP pressures go from being very high, to being 'stable'. James spoke to some of the firemen from the responding fire-station, this afternoon. They have all reached out and have shown so much care and concern for Nathan. It is incredible, the first responders saved Nathan's life. Nathan was hit by the vehicle only four blocks away from the firehouse. The medical response was very quick and the surgeon told us that it is a miracle that Nathan was not killed on impact. God is good, He has a plan!
Our prayers are desperately needed at this point. Nathan's brain injury is very critical. The next 72 hours are crucial for the future of Nathan's life. We are hopeful and confident that God is in complete control.

Please pray for Bethany. As you can imagine, she has had very little sleep over the past 48 hours. She took an hour nap yesterday, and was able to go home this morning and shower. She is an incredible mom, and has yet to leave Nathan's side. The doctor told Bethany she needed to come home tonight and sleep. Please pray for a restful night for Bethany, and her mom. I know Bethany did not want to leave Nathan, but at this time she needs to get rest. We are praying for you Bethany, love you.

Praying Gods hands will be healing to Nathan. Pray His fever decreases and ICP levels decrease. He is in great hands with the medical team in the ICU. His nurses and Doctor are seriously incredible. We ask Gods will be done and revealed in and through Nathan's life.

Love you Natey. Fight hard tonight. We are praying. trusting. hopeful.

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