Monday, October 26, 2009

Pray for Nathan

Hello to everyone. Welcome to Nathan Christianson's Blog. I will do my best to keep this updated on a regular basis. On behalf of Bethany, (Nathan's mom) thank you for your care and prayers. They are needed and appreciated during this time of the unknown.

On October, 25 2009, our friend Nathan Christianson was suddenly hit by a car. Nathan is currently in T-ICU, on life-support. He will be 25 years old tomorrow, and we are praying we get to celebrate his life. As of now, Nathan is not doing great, but we are praying he keeps fighting. The doctors are working extensively, and he has a team of incredible trauma physicians caring for him. When I was there early, this morning, I was reminded that this life is not our home. And we serve a God who is in the miracle making business. Nathan is like a brother to both James and I, and we are confident Nathan is a Fighter!
I am asking you all to join us, asking God for a miracle. Nathan survived a near-fatal car accident in 2003, and survived against all odds. We are praying this is also another victorious outcome. Nathan also has a bacterial infection, which is common for trauma patients, but has given him a slight fever. Also, James was just up there again, this afternoon, and the pressure in Nathans brain has escalated. This means, there is swelling in the brain. James kept telling Nathan, he was doing well and that he has an army of people across the world...fighting with him.

Pray for Nathan's life. Please pray for Nathan's mom, Bethany. She is such a strong lady, who loves her son very much. She is doing well, and is trusting in our great God! We truly serve a mighty God, and we are trusting Him with His sons life. If you would like to extend any support to Nathan or Bethany, please contact James or Kimberly, and we will direct you to the right resources. As of now, we wait. we pray. we expect God to be...God. No matter the outcome, I pray God receives all the glory for His love and Faithfulness. Psalm 115:1 "not to us oh Lord, Not to us, but to Your name be the glory for Your love and faithfulness."

I will keep this blog updated, throughout the day. I cant promise it will be the fanciest/or most proper of all blogs...but it will be a place to receive updates, as well as a place for you to comment. I pray that in the future, Nathan will be reading his blog and KNOW he is LOVED and prayed over...from people near and far. Thank you all for your prayers. On behalf of Bethany Christianson, Thank you and please continue your prayers...they are coveted.

We love you Natey, Get better. keep fighting. God has a plan. love your friends and family.


  1. Dear Sweet Kimmy, what an amazing friend you are. Nathan is definitely in our prayers. I pray that God receives the glory from his life. He is very lucky to have you and James surrounding him. I will pray for his mom as well, that she will have God's peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for keeping us updated so we can better know how to pray.

  2. my heart hurts to hear this. i pray that God will be with Nathan, his mom, you, James, and all his friends and family during this time. keep sending nathan the positive energy you and James so often share with everyone around you. you are all in my prayers

  3. still praying. you and james are amazing friends. praying for bethany too.

  4. Hi Kimmie- Thank you for being so diligent about keeping all of us informed. My family is praying for God's will to be done in Nathan's life. We are also pray that Bethany have the strength to understand God's power and plan!

  5. Thank you all so much. my heart is hurting. it hurts to see nathan struggle for his life. i hurt for my husband, who loves nathan so. i trust. i surrender and i will follow gods lead.

  6. Nathan,

    We are praying for you. I cant wait for you to read all of these posts to see how loved and cared for you are. God is so gracious and I know He is healing you. Praying for God's pland and Hiw will for your life. Hang in there buddy.

  7. ....and by pland I mean plan and Hiw is His. Wowza I apparently cannot spell.