Wednesday, November 4, 2009

morning visit

Nathan's progress is much of the same. He is still very sedated, and his waking up progress will be very slow. The doctors are weening him off his breathing tube, this is also a slow process. Nathan looked really good this morning, better than he has look thus far. Although, watching him struggle to breath is extremely difficult to watch.
I want to share a personal story with you that happened this morning. Right when I got to the hospital, the respiratory therapist was in with him. After he was done examining Nate, I walked into the room and over to Nathans side. I leaned into his face, only inches away. I said " Nate, its Kimmie. I am here with you. Can you hear me? Open your eyes buddy, its Kimmie." Nathan OPENED HIS EYES, looked at me and began to cry. This was SO special to me. NATHAN KNEW I WAS THERE. He totally knew who I was, and that is a GREAT sign. He is acknowledging his own name, as well. God is so good, this is a HUGE sign, A BIG SIGN! Nathan also recognizes Bethany and James' voice, it was so special to connect with him...especially knowing, he is recognizing our voices. I told him I was there and James and I were visiting him everyday. Nathan opened his eyes, once more and began to cry. I told him he was going to be ok. That we were praying for him and that EVERYONE was praying!

James and I are going back up there tonight, I will update you all with anything new that happened today!

God is good. He is near!

We love you Nate

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