Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bethany's Hope John 11:40

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from James and Kim's house to yours. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for you continued care and concern for my son Nathan. Kim and I were hanging out with Shayn and they shared with me their intentions to shut down this blog. I felt compelled to encourage Kim and James to keep the blog alive. When I was completely overwhelmed by this tragic experience James and Kim rose to the occasion and began to set in motion the order that was necessary to reach out and communicate with Nathan's friends - all of you. I appreciate this more than you or they will ever know.

I want Kim and James to continue to share Nathan's story through their own eyes. I know when Nathan gets better he will be able to look at this blog and hear his story through the eyes of two people who have loved him unconditionally. In addition he will be able to see evidence of your care and concern as you interact on the blog with your own comments.

It is my understanding that some individuals are questioning why visitation has been restricted at this point in time. I will give you my explanation but first I will ask that you trust me and the medical team. If you are a parent yourself you will probably be able to understand where I am coming from - perhaps more so than if you have no children of your own. Nathan is an adult but he has no wife at this time in his life - so the role of medical proxy has fallen back on me because I am his biological mother. The Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit staff and I made the decision that it was in Nathan's best interest to limit visitation to immediate family and one or two very close friends.

If and when the decision is made to alter the visitation policy I promise you Kim and james will notify you. There will come a time when Nathan will need all the encouragement and support we can offer him.

For right now - the best way you can minister to Nathan is to pray for Nathan in a mighty way. If I may be so bold as to suggest that you pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to Nathan in his spirit that God loves him more than he can ever imagine. When Nathan was in middle school he prayed the prayer of salvation with a very Godly man named Pastor Dale. Like many of us Nathan has never fully surrendered his life to Christ. It has been my experience that surrendering my own life to Christ has been a process. Please touch and agree with me that this life tragedy will be used of God to draw ALL of us closer to Him with an ever deepening surrender of our lives and our wills to Jesus Christ.

Bethany F. D. Christensen

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