Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

In church yesterday, my mind was just racing.
We spend so much time judging other people, that we miss out seeing "rawness"/ inmost being of the people around us. we are so worried about what people think, that we are seriously missing out on life~What it truly means to LIVE. I don't want to miss out anymore. I don't care what that looks like, or what the cost is. I know this journey is not easy, but it is worth every moment.
After church, I was telling James how God is just moving. I can see Him and feel Him. He and I have literally seen God in ways that we could never put into words. Seeing Nathan has been very difficult. Not knowing the future has been even more difficult, but God never seizes to amaze us with His presence. It is truly unexplainable.
Being around Bethany, has brought this all to light. Seeing her passion and commitment to God and Nathan, moves us to do the same. I know God takes our "MESS" and makes it something beautiful. I believe with every fiber in my body, that is EXACTLY what God is doing with Nathans life and I am confident He desires to do the same in ours.

Yesterday, I was able to visit with Bethany for over an hour. It was incredible to see the love and commitment she continues to have for Nathan. The love of a mother, is unexplainable. Please continue to pray for her. It is so difficult to see Nathan (especially being her son) in the state he is. They continue to keep him looking good, shaved/bathed etc. He really does look more and more like himself, each day.

Nathan had a really rough night, last night. He pulled through and remained stable, but this road is not smooth, yet. At this point, Nathan is progressing at the rate they have predicted. He will continue to 'come to' as the days progress. We really need to pray that Nathan remains stable. He is still on life-support, and will remain on it for as long as needed.

With a brain trauma patient things could go either way. We need to keep praying God protects Nathans brain, from any more trauma or possible damage.
Nathans Neurosurgeon examined his CAT SCANS and MRI, once again, and he HAS indeed detected some brain injury. They believe that Nathan suffered this injury back in 2003, when he had his car accident. The doctors predict that Nathans doctors overlooked the injury. This explains a lot to the doctors, but puts a bump in the road. As we all know, Doctors are NOT perfect. They make mistakes, but in this case there are many different neurologists investigating this new discovery. Although, this is NOT the news we were expecting, we are still hopeful. Nathan has lived over a week, when they told us he would not make it through the night. His ICP levels are up and down, but that is expected.
With this new discovery, we are asking you all to pray. Please continue praying for God to work and heal Nathans injuries. Also, please pray for Bethany, as this news was not what anyone wanted to receive.

As I spent sometime with Bethany yesterday, her faith was powerful. Remember, Nathan is her only son, and this is his second time on life support. I cannot imagine being a mother, being helpless in a time of such desperation. She is turning to God, and has a Faith that moves mountains. God is in total control, and we continue to rest in that!

We will keep you updated as far as Nathans consciousness level, and also with this new brain injury discovery.

Thank you for your support and prayers. They are felt and needed. I will update later, after our visit.

My hope this morning...

Psalm 37:5
"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him and He will help you."

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